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Diversity and Inclusion in Music Theory

As a teacher and researcher, I have made the following efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in my classroom materials and scholarly work. A focus on accessibility and community outreach are central to this pursuit.

  • Teaching [course materials]: In Theory III, I generated a course playlist centered around women and minority composers. This playlist was used to develop course materials from which students studied the functional components of musical form. You can find these playlists here: Song, Dance, Instrumental.

  • Teaching [course materials]: In Theory III and IV, at least half of the works studied and played in class are by women and minority composers. You can find the playlist here: Theory 4 OSU.

  • Research [database]: I am developing a database of fully realized pop-rock songs that prioritizes historically underrepresented artists, where at least half of songs written are by women or minority songwriters. Current pop-rock song databases focus primarily on commercially successful rock music ca. 1960-75 and, as a result, prioritize songs composed by white male artists. You can keep updated on my progress here: Pop-rock performance corpus.

  • Research [outreach]: In May 2020, I will host a performance and analysis forum at the OSU STEAM Factory in downtown Columbus. There, participants from my motion capture study will discuss their songwriting processes as accompanied by visual analyses. More information on this event will be provided as the project nears completion.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

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